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Our core assets

3D-GEO has technical expertise and demonstrated experience over a vast range of Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering disciplines.


3D-GEO can deliver all your geoscience evaluation needs from simple well correlation sections to complex static models, in foldbelts or extensional basins. Whether you are evaluating the potential of a new permit or designing a field development programme, 3D-GEO has the expertise and experience to assist your company decision makers.

Geochemistry and Basin Modelling

Geochemistry and Basin Modelling are critical aspects of understanding hydrocarbon potential. In exploration it helps to reduce risks and rank prospects, and in a proven basin it assists in understanding the hydrocarbon distribution and post trap alterations. 3D-GEO’s approach is to focus on the geology of the modelling, rather than a more geochemical approach to over-analyse the chemistry of the hydrocarbons.

QI Geophysics

Standard seismic and sequence stratigraphic interpretation can often be enhanced through attribute and AVO inversion of the seismic data. Stratigraphic variations, fault identification and hydrocarbon presence may be extracted from seismic data. Although our seismic processor has recently retired, 3D-GEO has collaborative agreements with two seismic processing companies in Australia for your integrated processing/ interpretation projects.


Well log evaluation can promote or kill perception of hydrocarbon prospectivity. Therefore it is important to get it right. Having experience with oil and gas, in clastics and carbonates, in tight, fractured reservoirs, in low permeability sands, with low salinity formation waters, allows our clients to have confidence in the evaluation outcomes.

Petroleum Engineering

Several of our clients requested an integrated approach to evaluating their field discoveries. Therefore 3D-GEO expanded our in-house expertise to include petroleum/reservoir engineering. In the last five years we have generated Static/Dynamic modelling outcomes for fields in the Bolivian and PNG foldbelts and the Gippsland and Carnarvon Basins in Australia.

Economics and Production

To deliver our three year Field Development project in Bolivia, 3D-GEO collaborated with two specialist consultancies. PME Consulting reviewed the current development facilities and generated field life economics. Process Consulting is also available to conduct full facilities design if required.

Related Information

Our experience extends from NE BC carbonates to SE Asia clastics. We have worked on complex foldbelts in PNG, NZ, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Oman, and Bolivia.

We have worked extensional basins of NZ, Australia, SE Asia, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, and many more.

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