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3D GEO Basin Review workflow
3D GEO Field Development workflow
3D GEO Seismic Processing workflow

3D GEO Technical workflows

3D GEO has strong project management processes, both in work planning and progress reporting. Our technical workflows integrate all available data into client focused deliverables.

3D GEO Basin review workflow

The 3D-GEO Basin review workflow covers the full range of input data, from field geology through to hydrocarbon analysis.
Our workflow includes surface structural analysis and building subsurface structural models, well correlations with core/stratigraphy interpretation, seismic interpretation and mapping, 3D modelling, geochemistry interpretation and basin modelling. The client may only need a single component of this workflow or the entire sequence of tasks – 3D GEO can design a project to meet your needs.

3D GEO Field development workflow

The 3D GEO Field development workflow integrates our Geoscience, Petrophysical and Reservoir Engineering inputs to initially build dynamic models for simulating hydrocarbon production, both for history matching and production forecasts. Using these forecasts, 3D GEO can asist the client with delineation well planning and facilities design.

3D GEO Seismic processing workflow

3D GEO has processed 3D seismic cubes in offshore extensional basins and onshore foldbelts. We have also processed numerous 2D seismic surveys, both onshore and offshore. However, our focus is more on QI Geophysics, enhancing the rich information contained in seismic data to expand our structural, stratigraphic and hydrocarbon distribution interpretations. Amplitude, attribute and AVO Inversions are all part of our workflow options.

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Our experience extends from NE BC carbonates to SE Asia clastics. We have worked on complex foldbelts in PNG, NZ, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Oman, and Bolivia.

We have worked extensional basins of NZ, Australia, SE Asia, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, and many more.

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