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Structural Modelling in PNG and Bolivia

Gas Fields of the PNG Foldbelt, PNG

3D GEO has been involved with structural modelling of the PNG foldbelt since the turn of the century, We are currently modelling eight hydrocarbon fields in the foldbelt, from seismic interpretation to 2D structural sections and then 3D structural models of each field.

Itacaray Structure, Sub-Andean foldbelt, Bolivia

3D GEO utilised surface geology, limited well data, seismic and MT to build regional and prospect 2D structural sections and restorations over the Itacaray permit in 2018/2019.

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3D GEO geoscience services range from B to Y, only missing Acquisition and Zircon fission tracking.

Evaluation scale covers basin analysis, permit review, prospect volumetrics and risking, well review and development planning.

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