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CCS and Shale Gas Studies in Australia

CarbonNet Pelican structure, Gippsland Basin, Australia

3D GEO has been engaged with CarbonNet evaluations of potential CO2 storage sites in the offshore Gippsland Basin for a couple of years. This included seismic interpretation, attribute modelling and full static modelling of the Pelican feature, where the Gular-1 well was recently drilled.

Centralian Basin, Shale Gas, Geoscience Australia

3D GEO evaluated the regional gas prospectivity of 10 onshore Paleozoic Basins from the onshore Canning Basin to the Warburton/Cooper Basin. The study included well correlations, seismic interpretation and modelling, structural sections and estimated shale gas potential.

CCS Atlas, Western Australia

3D GEO was commissioned in 2011 to conduct a regional review of the onshore Perth, Carnarvon and Canning Basins. Again seismic interpretation, 3D regional models and potential structures for CO2 injection were identified. The resulting Atlas is available through the WA DMP.

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3D GEO geoscience services range from B to Y, only missing Acquisition and Zircon fission tracking.

Evaluation scale covers basin analysis, permit review, prospect volumetrics and risking, well review and development planning.

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