Industry Engagement /Conferences

Industry Engagement

3D-GEO has almost 20 years of consulting experience in the Australian Oil and Gas sector. In addition, many of the senior staff and associates have been in the Industry in Australia for over 30 years. The company and personnel have developed extensive networks during that time and regularly catch up with professional colleagues through conferences and forums. 3D-GEO has also contributed to building the next generation of geoscientists through Young Professional Forums, University summer employment, post graduate student mentoring and research projects.

Global Conferences

3D-GEO exhibits at two key conferences annually, APPEA for the Australian market and AAPG ICE for the International Market. In addition, we have had exhibition booths/attended conferences in Bolivia, USA, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bahrain, Malaysia and Indonesia.

AAPG ICE 2019 in Buenos Aires was our sixth straight ICE conference exhibition (Istanbul, Melbourne, Cancun, London, Cape Town and Buenos Aires). The conference was attended by the company CEO and three staff from the Bolivia Office. In addition to the conference, we had several meetings with key companies in the Argentinian Oil and Gas sector.

3D-GEO senior staff have attended numerous AAPG Conferences in the USA. Two staff from the Bolivia Office attended the San Antonia conference, winning a best poster prize by SEPM2019 (Modelling Heterogeneities: A Quantitative Analysis Of Two Slope Channel Systems: Laguna Amarga, Cerro Toro Formation, Chile And Canyon San Fernando, Rosario Formation, Mexico)

3D-GEO had senior geoscience and reservoir engineering staff at the APPEA 2019 Conference in Brisbane.

The AAPG ICE 2018 Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa and was attended by 3D-GEO Director Keven Asquith.

3D-GEO was very active at the AAPG Global Technology Workshop in Bolivia, with an exhibition booth, a technical paper and a poster. 3D-GEO Bolivia staff were also involved in the conference organising.

Research Support

3D-GEO appreciates the support the Industry has given 3D-GEO over the past 20 years and attempts to give back to the Industry through Young Professional Forums, University employment programmes and research support.

3D-GEO’s geoscience staff in Bolivia are active members of the AAPG Young Professional Forum, with both Diego Paredes and Dugmar Mendez giving technical presentations at scheduled events.

3D-GEO Bolivia senior geoscientist Dugmar Mendez has been the Ambassador for SEPM in Bolivia since 2018.

3D-GEO Bolivia senior geoscientist Dugmar Mendez also gave a technical talk (From Outcrops to Flow Simulation) at the Universidad Militar de Ingenieria Santa Cruz de la Sierra for the SPE Student Chapter

3D-GEO is an Industry member of the Basin Genesis Research Hub, composed of a consortium of Universities, developing cutting-edge numerical modelling tools with the aim of improving the understanding of the formation and evolution of basins, through the coupling of the evolution of mantle flow, crustal deformation, erosion and sedimentary processes. The NWShelf and PNG foldbelt are test areas for the modelling.
3D-GEO has also sponsored several undergraduate and post-graduate research studies. The current PhD being supported is the Quantitative analysis of Slope Channel Systems in Chile and Mexico, at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.3D-GEO has also employed and mentored numerous University geoscience students over the past 20 years.

3D-GEO has organised and hosted several industry gatherings at our Melbourne Home Office, including Conference Wine and Cheese Parties and Pizza Lunches.

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Our experience extends from NE BC carbonates to SE Asia clastics.
We have worked on complex foldbelts in PNG, NZ, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Oman, and Bolivia.

We have worked extensional basins of NZ, Australia, SE Asia, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, and many more.

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