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Australian Basin experience

In 3D-GEO’s 20 years of consulting, we have evaluated almost every petroleum basin in Australia.; from the Exmouth Plateau to the Bowen Basin. Both onshore and offshore, 3D GEO has been involved in Petroleum, Geothermal and CCS projects, for both Private and Public clients. Our database of wells and seismic is extensive, with several Petrel projects and speculative reports available. Project deliverables range from simple well correlation sections through to Static and Dynamic reservoir models.

South America experience

3D-GEO’s work in South America began over a decade ago with 2 seismic interpretation and mapping projects, onshore Brazil. In 2015, 3D-GEO won a large tendered project with YPFB Bolivia to interpret four complex Mega Gasfields in the sub-Andean foldbelt. In 2018, 3D GEO won a structural/basin modelling project with YPFB subsidiary Chaco. In the past 5 years, 3D-GEO has also conducted structural/basin modelling projects in onshore and offshore basins of Peru.

SE Asia Region experience

3D-GEO commenced consulting in the PNG foldbelt at the turn of the century, and have been active in the SE Asia region ever since. Basins in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have been the focus of several projects, with evaluations also conducted in Vietnam and Thailand. In addition, many of the 3D GEO senior geoscientists worked this region for BHPP New Ventures and know most of the basins in this region.

ME and Sub-continent Region experience

The Middle East and Sub-Continent region contains numerous complex foldbelts, a 3D GEO area of expertise. So it is no surprise that 3D-GEO has been commissioned to conduct numerous structural modelling projects in complex foldbelts in Assam (India), Kirthar (Pakistan), Oman (onshore and offshore), Zagros (Iran) and the extension into Iraq.

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3D GEO geoscience services range from B to Y, only missing Acquisition and Zircon fission tracking.

Evaluation scale covers basin analysis, permit review, prospect volumetrics and risking, well review and development planning.

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