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In the course of receiving, processing, outputting and archiving petroleum data for many years. 3D-GEO has acquired experience in using virtually all industry-standard software including: TIGRESS, Geolog, Recall, Finder, Openworks, Geoframe, Geoscene and ArcInfo.

We have often found that there are problems in data loading to the wide variety of applications and databases available, mainly due to a lack of data standardisation and even different interpretations of standards where they exist! Add to this the inevitable embedded software customisation, then it's highly likely you'll need 3D-GEO’s help.

We have performed many data loading projects for clients all over the world, including ground-breaking cultural data loading in one of the major applications, and are being frequently asked to use our troubleshooting capability in other areas.

3D-GEO’s familiarity and experience with all petroleum data types, as well as the software, means that we can prepare and load your data quickly and cost-effectively to allow your staff to concentrate on using the applications software to add value to your projects. We can carry out data loading assignments in client offices or at our own facilities.