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3D-GEO is one of the world's leading petroleum data management companies, offering a wide range of solutions to audit, capture, manage, enhance and utilise technical data to the optimum effect. Projects might involve:

•    Data audits and feasibility studies.
•    Data such as well logs, in a variety of media and formats, that can be captured and subjected to a process which results in a high quality, consistent, digital dataset which has been rigorously QC'd, edited, processed and archived to appropriate media such as optical disks.
•    Seismic tape transcription and archiving.
•    Document scanning.
•    Hard copy data bar-coding and inventory
•    QA/QC of petroleum data projects.
•    Data manipulation including retrieval, removal, tape reading, media auditing and data transfer.

3D-GEO has extensive experience of all format conversions, including: tiff, lis, ascii and EZLIS, as well as different media such as 9 track tapes; 4mm and 8mm cassettes; 3.5; floppy disks; CD-ROM, DVD.