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Applying advanced technologies and geoforensic expertise to groundwater.

3D-GEO Water Services' is backed by cross resource expertise who are geotechnical experts in the application of next generation geotechnology solutions. Utilising open-file and in-house datasets, including GIS and remotely sensed imagery, geochemistry data, mining datasets, petroleum datasets and geothermal data, client project results include maps, 3D reservoir models, risk assessment including fault containment/leakage and aquifer flow simulations over shallow and deep resource development. With layered and stacked resources from multiple industries interactive sub surface water management is now achievable. Our specialized services cover a large spectrum of fundamental services that minimise risk through world class expertise.

A national study of basin multi resource management is underway with initial results for Victoria shown below.

Click Here to download this map in KMZ format.

Our cross industry experience with multi sourced technology allows 3D-GEO to construct high resolution interpretation and to build models that provide the foundation and building blocks for minimising risks and optimising project management.

Multi Sourced GIS & Data Management
Translating historic data and legacy systems, managing and interpreting the core data allowing the development of water resources.
Aquifer Characterization
Using seismic data, geological outcrop data and advanced borehole geophysics to maximize the resolution of results.
Geologic Modeling
Realistic geological models allow for flow modeling and simulation to help understand the impacts of past and future decisions.
Analysis and Simulation
Fast visualisation and integration of core data with pioneering technology and interpretation allows next generation water management solutions to be developed.
Multi-Resource Analysis and Simulation
The goal is to minimise risk in multi-resource areas that have a combination of rival resources such as oil, gas, cbm,  tight gas, metals and coal. To optimise the management of water and stop cross contamination of the future water supply.